Love God, Love People , Love Bray

The team leading in partnership with Kyle and Wendy, are Paul & Caroline Perry, Fergus & Miriam O’ Regan, and David O Rourke.

Behind the Core Leadership Team is a dedicated group of people who help make our Church, our Community and our Family.

They are all involved in different ministries in the Church and Community.

Kyle HollandFamily Man - Church Planter- Wannabe Historian and Photographer

Wendy and I have been doing ministry in Europe since 1985. We have four amazing children and are currently living near Bray, Ireland. We have been instrumental in church planting in various places such as Dublin - Ireland, Delft - the Netherlands, Antwerp – Belgium, Dungarvan – Ireland, and Atlanta – Georgia. I now lead Cornerstone Church in Bray, and am also involved in other church related work throughout Ireland, as well as with Horizon, a network of churches in Europe. I have a deep burden for the universities of Ireland and feel called to see Kingdom advancement take place on them.

Tweeting from each chapter of the Bible with others as a discipleship tool! #engSOAP

As a people and a family of believers, Cornerstone 

Christian Church will, by the grace of God, be :

  1. Christ Centred
    We lead people to Him, teaching, training and discipling them to walk in His ways; to worship Him in intimate devotion, to follow Him in faithful obedience and fulfill His great commandment and His great commission.

  2. Father Focused
    We seek to live from the Father’s heart in authentic love towards God, one another, our families, our community, laying down our lives as servants of His kingdom.

  3. Spirit Filled
    We fully embrace the Holy Spirit, his gifts, fruit and ministries and seek to remain continually responsive to His leading, depending on Him at all times.

  4. Bible Based
    We value the Bible as the Word of God, the source of revealed truth, central to our faith and lives.

  5. Multi-Cultural
    We welcome people of every age and culture, recognising that each and everyone makes a unique and significant contribution to the Body of Christ.

  6. Multi-Generational
    We seek to transmit our faith by raising up successive generations of disciples, equipping and releasing them into their God-given callings and areas of service.

  7. Transformational
    We desire to strengthen the wider Body of Christ and ultimately, release the freedom and blessing of Jesus Christ into every arena in our world.