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We believe, God loves family;  values the individual, and calls people from all walks of life to be restored in relationship with Jesus and each other.  We are passionate about experiencing and spreading the Love of God in Bray. We pray that our community becomes a safe place for people to grow, both individually and together as a body; so that God’s love is reflected through us in everyday life.  There are lots of ways for you to connect, be a part, or get to know our church family. We are located in the heart of Bray, just off the main street and opposite The Royal hotel. Send an email and get in touch, if you want to connect or be connected, just let us know or get in touch with us.

Get in Touch

Kyle - 0864051397

Paul - 0876890155

Caroline - 0857207479

Fergus - 086 2862843

Miriam - 0864671661

Dave - 0872389304

Marty - 0894235171



We regularly enjoy baptisms at Cornerstone. As long as you are brave enough to do it in the Irish sea! Kyle and the team are happy to walk you through the process and there is a nice little cove on the Bray seafront that has been frequented on more than a few occasions in recent years... Go for it,  the old is gone the new is here! 

Bray Baptisms