Creating the environment for the gifts to flow


Pre school for Jesus is for children aged 3 - 6 years. 

Renata & Charles run this group on Sunday mornings, and it's separate from the younger babies who have a creche facility next door within the Church building.  

The aim of this group is to create an environment for the gifts to flow, for the little ones to learn and understand about God and who he is , mixing knowledge with fun. Creating a foundation where seeing the power of God is a reality in their lives.

For more information, to get involved or if you have any questions please contact Renata . 

Class will be starting end of September/ Early October


Creche facility

There is a room available next door, that is solely for parents and babies under 3, to use during the service. This room is being renovated this month and we look forward to inviting mums dads and babies into a warm and inviting space soon!