This page holds information about special events hosted or supported by Cornerstone Church at the Well. This page is updated on a two monthly basis. 

The following Special Events are happening in the month of July and August 2019.  This page is updated on a one/ two monthly basis. 

All Events take place in Cornerstone Church at the Well unless otherwise stated. All are welcome to attend.

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IBI Courses... Check out their courses and videos

IBI have a wide range of courses available. Check out the video links below and the IBI Website for more information.

Some key points...

The Irish Bible Institute ( is An Irish Christian College, which offers University accredited Certificate, BA and Master Degree options, specifically engaging with the Irish context, and catering for people from all ages and backgrounds.

  • IBI believe this is a key time for our nation to see people equipped to be leaders in their churches, communities and the marketplace.

  • Located in a great place to travel up and back to from different parts of Ireland.

  • If you or anyone you know feels they would like to explore further what IBI have to offer, please don't hesitate to contact Paul or the college directly.

  • Added are some links for you below and we would love to hear what you think. Feel free to pass them on, and/or show the videos in others.

Contact Paul F Perry, MA Lecturer IBI Tel: 353(0)18069060 Email: or

New Videos 3 Min Video: IBI, Equipping the Whole Person, head, heart and hands

1 Min Video: Describe IBI in 'one word'

IBI Prospectus is now available as a digital copy See link below...>

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Weekly Connect Groups

Cornerstone Church at the Well have many groups running each week for people to connect into… they include Mum’s and Tot’s Groups, Men’s Groups and Activities, Coffee Mornings, Home Groups, Teen Groups… These groups will be winding down over the summer months and will restart fully coming into the autumn. Check the Whats On Page to find something you can connect into… For more information in how to get connected or to help out contact Marty 0894235171